What are the side effects Synthroid overdose?


Synthroid is a thyroid hormone supplement that is used as a replacement for the thyroid hormone which is naturally produced by the thyroid gland in the body in order to regulate the metabolism and energy of the body. This supplement is taken by people who are no longer able to produce the hormone naturally.

Side Effects Synthroid works by reducing the symptoms that normally appear due to a very low level of thyroid hormone in the body. The dose to be taken by the patient depends on the amount of that hormone that they need to bring back their level of blood back to optimum level. This level is got through blood tests. Therefore, the starting dose of anyone will depend on things like their general physical condition and how severe and long they have had the symptoms.

Since it is a narrow therapeutic index medication, it’s safe and effective dose is very close to its toxic and dangerous dose. Due to that, it is very easy to take an overdose even if you just take a little more than the prescribed dosage for you.

What happens if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, you should take the missed dose as soon as you get to remember. After that, you can take the following doses as normal. However, it is advisable to skip the missed dose if you fail to remember it until the time of the next dose. In case you are not sure of this, you can seek medical advice.

What are the side effects Synthroid overdose?

Taking even a little more of Synthroid than your prescribed dose whether you intended or unintended to can be very dangerous. Just a mild overdose can result in hyperthyroidism symptoms while very large overdoses can result in even life-threatening effects. Some of the side effects Synthroid overdose include:

1. Skin effects – The signs of taking too much of this medication are mostly seen in a person’s skin. It makes the skin unusually warmer because it increases the flow of blood and the body metabolism. A person may, therefore, be more sensitive to heat, perspire more, and even develop a dangerously high fever (malignant hyperthermia)

2. Neurological and psychiatric effects – Some people can feel restless and irritable due to its effect on the nervous system. It can also cause memory problems, concentration problems, confusion, insomnia, and some people may even fall into a coma.

3. Gastrointestinal effects – Most people tend to lose weight due to its effect on the digestive tract. This includes frequent bowel movements due to the increased movement of food through the digestive tract.

4. Heart effects – Having an irregular and rapid heartbeat is common with taking too much of Synthroid. Patients who have underlying heart diseases may experience heart failures.

Treatment for Synthroid overdose

The treatments for the side effects Synthroid overdose vary depending on the condition of the patient. In case the overdose was recent, certain medications may be administered to the patient or a tube may be placed into their stomach to pump it.

If you feel that you have taken too much Synthroid and notice the symptoms, you should see your medical doctor.

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How to make a floating candle


A floating candle can render you the most romantic and serene evening. These candles create a unique sense of peacefulness when the light from candle falls on water. If you have a distinguished bowl decorated with some unique rocks along with the candles as your centerpiece, the guests to your house will come asking about it time and again.

Apart from all these, you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying these candles if you can learn to make these. These are pretty simple and you don’t need to understand rocket science for it. Here’s a guide on how to make a floating candle.

Little basics on the mechanism of floating candle

It becomes easier for you to use your creativity if you learn the basic concept behind floating mechanism of the candles. These work on the principles of buoyancy. If you can make the base of the candles so that these float on water like boats then you don’t need to know anything about making the candles.

Material that you need

* Wax specifically used to make candles

* Already tabbed wicks

* Mold

* Fragrance or color that you wish

* Cooking pot

* Thermometer

* Spatula

Steps to make the floating candles

Step-1: Melt the wax and fill the mold

Melt the wax in the cooking pot. With the help of the thermometer you can measure the temperature of wax. With the help of spatula you can stir the wax. Now you need to keep the mold on a newspaper so that any spilling will fall on that. Once the wax reaches a certain temperature (180 degrees F) you can start filling the mold with wax till the lip of it after putting fragrance or color in it. Don’t let the temperature of the wax to go beyond 200 degrees F.

Step-2: Place the wicks

You should until the wax gets cooled off. You can get to know about the cooling of the wax from the formation of haze on the contours of the mold. Now it is time to place the wicks in the mold. You should verify that the wick reaches the bottom of the mold. Apart from that you should be careful about placing the wick at the centre of the mold.

Step-3: Taking care of the shrunken wax

Once the wax cools off, it shrinks. The shape of the wax becomes such that it leaves void space in the mold. Now you need to reheat the left wax and pour in to the mold like you did in the beginning. You can make the top surface the wax plain with the help of heat gun if you have.

Step-4: Now remove the candle from the mold

Once the wax gets cooled off, you need to remove your candle from the mold. Generally it is easy to remove the candles once wax gets completely cooled off. If you face any difficulty in removing the candle from the mold, you can keep the mold in your freezer for some time to allow it to cool off completely. Then you can be able to remove it properly.

Word of caution

* You should store the wax to avoid formation of bubble

* You should wait for around 24 hours before set them for burning

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